Sunday, January 4, 2009

This Life isn't Perfect Holla

Kimberly Riley's comfortable life has been destroyed. Her husband, Daniel, has walked out on her, and their children have gone with him. She's been accused of criminal wrongdoing at work. Everything she holds dear, everything that makes her life comfortable, is now gone. Rather than take these tribulation lying down, Kimberly decides to fight back. This Life Isn't Perfect is a vivid tale of a woman realizing her inner strength and triumphing over the worst life has to offer.

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"Foy finds that "wow" factor that makes readers herald a writer's work... Foy is assuredly an astounding new voice in women's fiction."
-Robin R. Pendleton, Romantic Times

"An amazing novel I look forward to reading future novels by Foy."
-Toni Bonita, RAWSISTAZ Literary Group